FocusOn Image Viewer


Key Features

Automatic organize
Archives, Archive a Copy menu will automatically organize your photos by date according to the Photo Archive Template you set.
Image list
You can organize image files in a familiar Explorer type interface with thumbnails. A simple image editing is also available there such as resizing or rotating.
Edit photos
You can use editing functions such as crop, filter, correction, border, and add text in image view.
Maintain photo editing
Maintain photo editing without damaging the original.
Photo sharing
Share photos right on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook.
You can e-mail selected photos directly.
You can print according to the size of the paper, print with maintaining the ratio and print multiple images on one page.
Slide Show
You can view the selected picture in a slide show.
You can view the EXIF ​​information or delete the EXIF ​​information.
You can scan images using TWAIN or WIA.
Desktop Background
You can set the selected image as the desktop background.
Batch Rename
You can easily change the name of the selected image to a desired name using a template.
Resize image
You can change the image size using the automatically optimized resampling method or various resampling methods and support multi-step resizing.
Supports various thumbnail sizes
Supports thumbnails of various sizes from 32 to 256.
Supports various image formats
Supports over 100 image formats.